Author: avelin on 31-08-2017, 23:58
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Assorted Magazines August Pack 13 2017
121 Issues | True PDF | English | 4.4 GB
Author: avelin on 31-08-2017, 23:51
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Assorted Magazines - August 30 2017 (True PDF)
25 Issues | True PDF | English | 381 MB Total
Author: avelin on 31-08-2017, 23:44
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100 Military Leaders Who Changed the World - People Who change the World
Publisher: World Almanac Library (2004)
Language: English | ASIN: B006RJW42U | Library Binding: 224 pages | 17 MB

100 Military Leaders Who Changed the World - People Who change the World.
Author: avelin on 31-08-2017, 23:37
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The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm (Positively Sexual)
Publisher: Hunter House; 1 edition (June 12, 2002)
Language: English | ISBN-10: 0897933621 - ISBN-13: 978-0897933629 | 58 MB

In this companion to their best-selling book, Extended Massive Orgasm, Steve and Vera Bodansky give much more detail about the best hand and body positions for performing and receiving EMO. More than 70 photographs and drawings illustrate genital anatomy and optimum positions for manually stimulating a partner. And while the first book focused mainly on female sexual pleasure, The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm covers new ground in the area of male arousal and orgasm.
Author: avelin on 31-08-2017, 23:29
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Sex Lies A Humorous Look at the 21 Biggest Sex Lies We Love to Use [Mobi]
Publication Date: June 19, 2013
Language: English | ASIN: B00DIMXUGI | Print Length: 30 pages | 3 MB

“Sex Lies” takes an irreverent and humorous look at the lies we choose to believe about one another in the interest of domestic tranquility and marital bliss. While the contents of this book do not contain any graphic depictions of sex or photos, its theme makes it suitable for adult readers only.
Author: avelin on 31-08-2017, 23:22
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Measure Twice, Cut Once - Simple Steps to Measure, Scale, Draw and Make the Perfect Cut-Every Time
English | 130 pages | PDF | 26.8 MB

Professional woodworker Jim Tolpin offers solid instruction on the principles of measurement and proportion, walking you through every step of the woodworking process. From design and layout to developing a cutting list, his easy-to-follow style introduces a variety of tools (new and old) used to transfer measurements accurately to the wood. You'll learn the best cutting techniques, how to prevent mistakes before they happen, and for those unavoidable mistakes, you'll learn how to fix them so no one will know!
Author: avelin on 31-08-2017, 23:15
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Mark Dawson ~ [John Milton 11] - The Alamo (Audiobook)
English | 64 Kb | CBR | 22,050 Hz | Joint Stereo | 350 MB

New York isn't ready for Britain's most dangerous ex-assassin....
Author: avelin on 31-08-2017, 23:08
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How to Build with Grid Beam
English | 287 pages | PDF | 131 MB

Grid beam is a modular, reusable building system that is fast, easy, affordable, and virtually goof-proof. Ordinary people with few skills and even fewer tools (all you need is a wrench!) can tackle projects ranging from furniture and shop benches to more ambitious projects like wind turbines, truck racks, small buildings—even electric vehicles.
Author: avelin on 31-08-2017, 23:01
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Gardening For Dummies Three e-book Bundle
English | 1439 pages | PDF | 9.38 MB

Gardening For Dummies eBook Bundle gives you three full length books rolled into one convenient bundle giving everything you need to know to help you towards a succesful crop and a full larder!
Author: avelin on 31-08-2017, 22:53
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Ethan Hawke - Ash Wednesday (Audiobook)
English | MP3 | Audiobook | 198 MB

Jimmy is AWOL from the army, but-with characteristic fierceness and terror he's about to embark on the biggest commitment of his life. Christy is pregnant with Jimmy's child, and she's determined to head home, with or without Jimmy, to face up to her past and prepare for the future. Somehow, barreling across America from Albany to New Orleans to Ohio and Texas in a souped-up Chevy Nova, Christy and Jimmy are transformed from passionate but conflicted loves into a young family on a magnificent journey. Ash Wednesday is a novel of blazing emotion and remarkable grace, a tale that captures the intensity-the excitement, fear, and joy-of being on the threshold of the mysterious country of marriage parenthood. Powerful, assured, large of heart, and punctuated by moments of tremendous humor, it represents, for Hawke the novelist, a major leap forward.

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